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Greenhouse Technician

Montego Bay, St. James
Caribbean HR Solutions is the Caribbean's premier HR Outsourcing company specializing in Executive Search, Recruiting, HRO and Payroll services. On BEHALF of OUR CLIENT, we solicit candidates to apply for the following role:
Greenhouse Technician
Jamaican Medical Cannabis Collective (JMCC), a rapidly growing multi-faceted company in the medical cannabis industry, is searching for Greenhouse Technicians to oversee the daily activities associated with a greenhouse/nursery environment. The Greenhouse Technician will be in charge of the carrying out of production practices, harvesting and maintenance and auxiliary activities in the greenhouses to ensure they are conducted in accordance with the required GACP/GMP standards, and that the crop production program is conducted in accordance with specifications and directions of the Lead Greenhouse Technician or as instructed by the Greenhouse Farm Manager or delegate.
  • Conducting appropriate crop care and maintenance activities;
  • Filling of potting bags, planting and replanting of plantlets;
  • Monitoring and reporting greenhouse temperature and relative humidity values;
  • Scouting, monitoring and reporting on the incidence of pests and diseases infestations;
  • Monitoring and reporting on plant nutrient solution quality parameters (pH and EC);
  • Monitoring of fertigation emitters to ensure the application of nutrient solution to crop plants;
  • Monitoring supplemental lighting infrastructure to ensure uniform distribution;
  • Assist with adjusting crop lighting in conformity with requirements of crop development stage;
  • Installing trellising mechanisms to provide physical support to the plants as the buds develop;
  • Conducting pruning and other plant care activities as instructed by greenhouse farm manager or delegate;
  • Removing of pruned plant parts from greenhouse for disposal, as directed by greenhouse farm manager or delegate;
  • Identifying and reporting pest species and life cycle stages for applying appropriate pest management strategies;
  • Applying relevant strategies for the management of pests’ infestations as instructed by greenhouse farm manager;
  • Any other duties which the greenhouse farm manager or delegate may assign from time to time.

  • Minimum of two (2) years' specific working experience in agriculture;
  • HEART- NCTVET NVQ Level 2 Certificate in General Agriculture or an equivalent qualification from an accredited agricultural education institution;
  • Experience in the management of crop production in greenhouses or other protected agriculture environments;
  • Knowledgeable in the safe handling and application of chemicals such as fertilizers, agricultural pesticides, surfactants, plant growth regulators, sanitizers and disinfectants;
  • Knowledge and awareness of the effects of factors such as ventilation, illumination, temperature relative humidity, water and nutrient management on plant growth and development;
  • Working knowledge of crop growing media and their roles in crop nutrition;
  • Ability to work in conditions typically found in a greenhouse with high humidity and varying temperatures, reduced air circulation, and a fair amount of plant pollen present;
  • Knowledge of the stages of plant development and crop requirement at varying stages;
  • Knowledge of the life cycle of major plant pests and diseases for pest management purposes;
  • Competence with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications;
  • Ability to foster positive working relationships;
  • Strong interpersonal communication skills.
 Though we appreciate all candidates, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.

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