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Operations and Maintenance Manager

Kingston, St. Catherine
Caribbean HR Solutions is the Caribbean's premier HR Outsourcing company specializing in Executive Search, Recruiting, HRO and Payroll services. On BEHALF of OUR CLIENT, Caribbean Blue Skies Energy, we solicit candidates to apply for the following role:
Operations and Maintenance Manager
The position is responsible for the daily management of plant operations and maintenance activities and resources necessary for safe, efficient and economical operation and maintenance of the power station. The position is also responsible for the monitoring of waste disposal to ensure compliance with the company’s and national environmental policy.
  • Monitors and co-ordinates all activities relating to the following areas:
    • Chemical treatment analysis
    • Power generation
    • Efficiency planning
    • Reliability Planning
  • Co-ordinates the CSA programme for the CC plant;
  • Ensure via the CSA programme optimum CC plant performance is achieved & maintained;
  • Co-ordinates maintenance activities to achieve optimum plant availability for the simple cycle plants while not compromising the CSA agreement nor the CC plant’s performance;
  • Develops, implements and monitors approved operational & maintenance programmes;
  • Oversees the development of operational policies, procedures and programmes for the power station;
  • Planned optimum utilization of all operation equipment and co-ordinates maintenance activities to ensure least possible disruption to services;
  • Conducts periodic evaluations of equipment and instrument to determine those requiring replacement or service;
  • Analyses plant failures and recommend to the station manager the steps required for rectification;
  • Review monthly performance reports on the station operations, and analyses the reports of other departments;
  • Ensure that efficiency & reliability tests are routinely undertaken and the result analyses and corrective action implemented;
  • Co-ordinates the development of the station five (5) year development plan and assist in it’s presentation, communication and monitoring;
  • Supervises assignment of maintenance supervisors to ensure that scope, quality and timeliness of maintenance activities are achieved;
  • Participates in preparation of stations maintenance & operations and overall annual budget and assists in it’s presentation, communication and monitoring;
  • Conducts performance management exercise and participates in the development and implementation of training programs for direct reports.
  • Sound knowledge of operations and maintenance of boiler, turbine systems and subsystems (ex pumps, fans, compressors etc);
  • Training in power station management, engineering and operations;
  • Ability to troubleshoot and diagnose mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and control problems;
  • Be on twenty-four (24) hours availability including weekends and public holidays;
  • Sound knowledge of power station safety, security standards and procedures;
  • Sound knowledge of statutory regulations relevant to the operations of a power station;
  • BSc. Degree in Mechanical, Electrical Engineering or equivalent or A minimum of five (5) years’ experience in power plant operations and maintenance;
  • Formal training in management;
  • Sound supervisory, organizational and administrative skills;
  • Strong analytical, judgmental and decision-making skills;
  • Knowledge of financial management, quality assurance and control, budget and cost control;
  • Sound knowledge of computer-based asset management, predictive, preventative and corrective maintenance practices.
We invite all interested candidates to submit your confidential application.


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